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The market is wide and you can find many alternatives for all kinds of services out there. However, are you able to identify which service providers are giving their best and not just simply working for their selfish gains? Even though we cannot claim who are the best person for each line, but we do have connections with trustable men.

Our sincere advice to you is to rate quality over cheap price. You will get a cent of service or goods for each cent you are willing to fork out. Of course, we hope to get you services/goods at reasonable prices.

A kind deed is always appreciated. Your friends may need help as well and since we are offering our free advices to you, why not help to share our services/recommendations to them?

Interior design
A well designed home will give you comfort after work and bring calmness to the family; a well designed office can bring out the standard of your company and give trusts to customer. Do reach for us for designers who will work delicately to your needs.

You need a reliable contractor to oversee to your renovation work. Materials used are of varies price range and qualities differ a lot too. If you do not want things to start falling down or even the need to redo your renovation just a few months later, do go for a good contractor.

Bank loan
You need a friendly consultant to help you with this. We know consultants from all banks available in Singapore so that you can choose any bank and we recommend the service.

You do need a honest financial consultant to help you plan your future or insure your properties, such that you can afford for them till the planned date. Do beware of scheming insurance agents who advise you to buy enormous policies at their own gains.

Perhaps, everyone should have a will done so as to keep everything in place in times of mishap. You will need a trustable lawyer for doing that.

Starhub Maxonline/Cable TV
If you wish to subscribe to Starhub Maxonline or Cable TV at a lower price with delivery of contract and everything right at your door, you are looking at the right place now.

Note: If you are unsatisfied with any of the service providers we have recommended, please update us. Your feedbacks are important to us, as to revise on the standard of quality of each provider, such that it will be beneficent to others in future.

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