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Jevin, Ou Meng Fatt
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Skai, Chan Kai Lun
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Our Services
We place your interest in first place

We work in a team and therefore is more efficient than other agents; more brains are always better than one brain. We aim to provide the best service you can ever imagine.

Other than buying, selling and renting of property, we can always help you with other services free-of-charge so that you can ease your mind throughout the process.

If you are looking for an ideal home, office or even warehouse, we are always ready to assist you. As our most valued client, we believe you understand the difference in good and bad location and other factors which will affect the price greatly. Therefore we will give our best consultation and work closely with you to get an idealistic place with affordable price. We will not give assurance that you will definitely find a place exactly like what you have in mind, but at least close to it.

The most important thing you would care about is money; ideally you would wish your property can fetch a high price. We will justify the demand and value of your property and help you to quote a good price. Unlike other agents, we do not give empty promises and cause delay in selling your house to potential buyers.

If you wish to rent your room or the entire house out, there are more procedures to be done than you can imagine. First is to get approval from HDB (if you are renting out a flat), follow by advertising, arranging of viewing, negotiating of price with potential tenant or his agent, checking of his identity (in case of illegal immigrant and other problem) and finally the paper work. If you wish to have a peace of mind throughout the entire process, from your initial intention to rent out your property, until your tenant moves out of the house with everything in shape and you receive the entire amount of money you deserve, we are always ready to assist you.

Your satisfaction is our delight.

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